What if Columbus, 2019
a project by The Extrapolation Factory

“What if Columbus” invites members of the public to propose visions for local city infrastructure in Columbus, Indiana. A kiosk installed on the sidewalk where Washington Street meets 2nd Street at an active corner right across from City Hall encourages members of the public to use the kiosk to contemplate, articulate, and share future visions for Columbus. Each vision generated by members of the public, depicted as a short sentence and image, will be digitally shared with the mayor's office with the intention that this database of visions offers decision-makers inspiration and insight into the public's desirable futures.
Comissioned by Exhibit Columbus as part of the ‘Washington Street Civic Projects’
Produced by: Elliott P. Montgomery, Chris Woebken
Design Assitance: Ryan Westphal
Photo credit: Hadley Fruits
Drone footage: Brodie Kerst
Development: Mike Heavers
Fabrication: Ignition Arts