Chris Woebken

Micro-Environment Exploration Lab - Spring 2018 @ NYU Tandon - Integrated Digital Media
Instructors: Elizabeth Hénaff & Chris Woebken

Metagenomics is the field of research which investigates the microbial component of our environment. It is a rapidly growing field, enabled by the recent decrease in cost and increase in throughput of DNA sequencing technology. We can now easily measure the microbial component of our environment and have the opportunity to incorporate this new microbial metric into the design of our built environments and products. In this class we will cover a basic understanding of the state of current research in environmental microbiomes. Students will get hands-on experience in which they will learn the computational methods to analyze genomic data. We will design physical devices to interact with this invisible component of our environment, either in form of sampling instruments, bioreactors or bio receptive substrates that propose new symbiotic relationships with the microbial environment.

Full Syllabus

Weather Worlds - Fall 2018 @ NYU ITP/IMA
Instructors: Karolina Sobecka, Chris Woebken, Pablo Suarez

Weather Worlds is a studio course that explores the role that design plays in public engagement on climate disruption. In this outcome-focused course the students will design a pop-up Weather Worlds studio platform for the 24th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP24) that will take place in December 2018 in Katowice, Poland. The students will design the format of the engagement in consultation with Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre experts, and produce it during the semester. The Weather Worlds studio will be a traveling platform that further can take place in different countries and occasions, serving local participation, and adaptable to local settings and contexts. At the COP24 conference in December 2018 the engagement will be facilitated by the Red Cross facilitators and volunteers, and by the course instructors. The aim for the format of the engagement is to create a blueprint that can be adapted and replayed subsequently in different to create social interventions in various settings. An example of such a flexible format can be an interactive session through which participants experience what it would mean to confront a planet that is 1.5 degrees warmer - and what can be done about it,  from local context-specific issues to global policy. The partnership with the humanitarian sector will broaden and amplify the impact of this project, facilitating and developing engagements worldwide.

Full Syllabus

Other courses & workshops:
'Designing with Biology', Summer School, CIID, San Jose, CR, 2018
'Testing Hypotheticals', Queens Museum, 2-week workshop, NYC, US, 2018
Visiting critic in the graduate thesis studio, (remote tutoring), RISD ID, Providence, US, 2017
'Weather Worlds' co-taught with Karolina Sobecka, 14-week class, SVA Design (IXD) BFA, NYC, US, 2017
'Designing Hypotheticals', month long intensive, School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, Berlin, DE, 2017
'Design Kids | Future Prototype', workshop, Cooper Hewitt, NYC, US, 2017
'Workshopping workshops', RISD ID, Providence, US, 2017
'Specials Programs Think Tank', week long intensive, CCA, San Francisco, US, 2017
'Panel for Future Special Programmes of the European Union', week long intensive, MCAST, Malta, MT, 2017
'Design Futures Workshop', Genspace, NYC, US, 2017
'Testing Tomorrows', 7-week class, NYU ITP, NYC, US, 2016
Original Mind Scholar, year long residency, Dalton School, NYC, US, 2016-2017
'Welcome to the Futures', workshop, SVA Products of Design, NYC, US, 2016
'Alternative Unknowns' workshop at 'Infrastructure Space', LafargeHolcim Forum, Detroit, US, 2016
'Adventuring Trailhead', lecturer, IDEO, San Francisco, US, 2016
'Modeling Futures', 5-week course, Pioneer Works, NYC, US, 2016
'Hybrid Urbanism', (remote tutoring), Strelka Institute, Moscow, RU, 2016
'Testing Tomorrows', week long, NYU ITP, NYC, US, 2015
Graduate thesis studio, Adjunct Faculty, RISD ID, Providence, US, 2015
'Hybrid Urbanism' tutoring, Strelka Institute, Moscow, 2015
'Speculative Design and Strategic Planning' workshop, Strelka Institute, Moscow, 2015 
'1-888-FUTURES' workshop, University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, 2015
Cyborg workshop with the Biomechanics and Movement Science (BIOMS) course, UD, Newark, 2015
Visiting Critic, Design Fiction Group, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, 2015
Visiting Artist, NCAR/CU Boulder, CO, US, 2015
Extrapolation Factory workshop, Transdisciplinary Design, Parsons, NYC, US, 2015
'Craigslist for Barter' workshop, SVA Products of Design, NYC, US, 2015
Extrapolation Factory workshop, Weimar, Bauhaus University, DE, 2014
'Telstar Shopping Network' intensive, Z33, Leuven, BE, 2014
'Biotechnominimarket' design intensive, RCA, Design Interactions, London, UK, 2014
'Futurematic - Waves of Tomorrow' workshop, NYU ITP, NYC, US, 2014
'Wild Posting Futures BBQ' workshop, Eyebeam, NYC, US, 2014
'Futurematic' workshop, OCAD University Strategic Foresight and Innovation, Toronto, CA, 2014
'Oficina de patentes', intensive at Laboratorio para la Ciudad, Mexico City, MX, 2014
Visiting Critic, Princeton University School of Architecture, Princeton, US, 2014
'The Society for Speculative Rocketry', 2-week workshop, Eyebeam, NYC, 2014
Thesis Committee, Alex Todaro, SVA IDX MA, NYC, US, 2014
Extrapolation Factory workshop, GSAPP Studio-X, NYC, US, 2013
Film workshop, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, US, 2013
Thesis Committee, Namwoo Bae, RISD Digital+Media, Providence, US, 2013
Visiting Critic, Geoff Manaugh & Nicola Twilley’s studio, GSAPP, NYC, US, 2013
Film workshop, RISD Digital + Media, Providence, US, 2013
'Camera Hacking Nightschool', GSAPP Studio-X, NYC, US, 2012
Thesis Committee, Kyung Hoon Hyun, RISD ID, Providence, US, 2012
Film workshop, RISD Digital + Media, Providence, US, 2012
intensive, Industrial Design, Syracuse University, US, 2012
Conflux, workshop, NYC, US, 2012
Visiting Critic, David Benjamin's class, Pratt, NYC, US, 2011
'Invisible Behaviors', workshop, NYU ITP, NYC, US, 2011
'Futurelabcamp', organized a series of biotech un-conferences, NYC & Cambridge, US, 2011