Metro Test Zones, 2019
a project by The Extrapolation Factory

In Extrapolation Factory’s Metro Test Zones, actors and participants attempt to prototype future imaginaries with a group of New Yorkers, animating hypothetical infrastructure and social dynamics related to the city’s green urban spaces. This living experiment attempts to imagine how urban spaces could look, feel and function differently in our futures, as a result of the social, technological, ecological, economic and political changes afoot.

These theatrical experiments were collaboratively envisioned by the actors and participants through a futures workshop designed by The Extrapolation Factory. In this workshop, participants were introduced to methods and principles devised by futurists, and invited to develop their own alternative narratives. The custom set design was inspired by the participants visions generated in the workshop, and is intended to serve as an interactive space for simulating these hypothetical futures.
Produced by: Elliott P. Montgomery, Chris Woebken

Design Assistants: Heer Mehta, Natalie Tillen, James Ryan Westphal

Actors: Zenzele Cooper, Benjamin Holbrook, John Peery, Jasmine Schutt-VanMeveren, Candance Thompson

Participants: Sam Adelberg, Alisha Bhagat, Wendy Brawer, Clarisa Diaz, Jeffrey Geiringer, Alice Gong, Elizabeth Henaff, Christine Kim, Neba Noyan, Ayodamola Okunseinde, Leticia Oxley, Oscar Salguero, Alice Shay, Philip Silva, Tara Smith, Jonas Voigt, Hanna De Vries, Marina Zurkow

Photo credit: Andy Jackson for The Shed

This project was commissioned through The Shed Open Call and supported by a Graham Foundation public programs grant. Special thanks to Jesse Firestone and Claudia Norman.