Leibniz Cocktail Conjecture, 2015
In collaboration with Sascha Pohflepp

Leibniz Cocktail Conjecture forms part of a larger piece called The House in the Sky, which revolves around a virtual reconstruction of a West Hollywood modernist home where a group of thinkers associated with the RAND Corporation would meet in the mid-1950s.

A book of one million random digits, crucial at the time for computing nuclear weapons, was conceived in the living room and many foundations of contemporary practices of computational knowledge and action were presumably laid.

For the simulation of a scene set in this room we employ those very digits, performing the prescribed rituals of picking values and setting with them the variables that govern the simulated laws of nature such as gravity or friction. Encoded in the way things tumble, each simulation also yields a random number in itself.

The results presented thus are windows into three unique worlds, aftermaths of cocktail parties in random universes that are looping back on themselves.