Island Physics, 2014
Curated by Chris Woebken, Sascha Pohflepp and Andreas N. Fischer

At the heart of the history of the computer there has always been the dream that one day it would be able to mathematically simulate the physical world well enough to generate graphics which to our eyes would be indistinguishable from the real world.

As technological capabilities have been edging towards this absolute realism, there are visual artists working at the fringe of what is currently possible, creating short films for lively community on social media platforms, often accompanied by tutorials on how the simulations were achieved.

While these works originate from a place in between the conventional artistic and academic worlds and could be regarded as mere technical demos they often have a unique aesthetic – a sublime that emerges from the hyper-accurate rendering of scenes that are in fact surreal and dreamlike.

After developing an interest in this community while working with computer simulation and modelling in their own respective artistic practices, Andreas N. Fischer, Sascha Pohflepp and Chris Woebken conceived the exhibition presented here. The five selected artists were provided with video footage taken at Building 15 which constituted the basis of the elaborate simulations they each have created.

Island Physics is therefore an exploration of the aesthetics of computer simulation as well as a survey of a community. Most of all, it is the attempt to turn a former living room into a testing-ground for alternate realities and impossible happenings.
Curation and installation by Chris Woebken, Sascha Pohflepp and Andreas N. Fischer

Participating Artists:
Kai Kostack
Mohamad (Moby Motion) Zeina
Andreas Nicholas (ANF6000) Fischer
Gottfried (BlenderDiplom) Hofmann
Tayfun (blazraidr) Ozdemir