Elsewheres, 2014
In collaboration with Sascha Pohflepp
Location-specific computer simulation, aluminium cans, coins, mock fireworks rocket (dimensions variable)

Elsewheres is the attempt to create a lens into alternate universes in which computer simulation becomes a medium for creating a site-specific, procedural installation that is changing over the course of the exhibition.

At the beginning of the procedure, the exhibition space is recreated as a three-dimensional model, based on architectural drawings. The representation becomes a virtual stage, a laboratory, populated by copies of all objects that are present in the real space, weighed and measured to obtain their relevant properties. They are then made to interact with the space itself as well as with each other. Objects move, touch, break or fly off, caught by a gust of simulated wind or the force of gravity — reflecting earth-like conditions (Eyebeam NYC), an exoplanet at STUK Leuven (on Gliese), and an alternate universe (LEAP Berlin).

Crucially, once a simulation has finished, resulting changes to the virtual space are manually introduced into its physical counterpart, objects carefully placed into their new positions. People thus become agents of the simulation, affecting the outside world in order to make it resemble the speculation of a machine.
Elsewheres is a co-production of Eyebeam, New York City and STUK Kunstencentrum, Leuven. Many thanks to Janna Levin of Columbia University for creating a series of alternate universes.