Chris Woebken
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Declimatize, 2018-2100
collaboration with Sascha Pohflepp 

In the history of agriculture and botany, islands often appear as sites of “acclimatization” for those organisms being moved between different continents and climates in the context of colonial expansion and trade. Under the effects of anthropogenic climate change, it could be claimed that now the island itself is being thrown into motion: an uncertain process at the end of which local weather patterns may resemble a different geographical location altogether. In conversation with local botanists and climate researchers, we  are examining whether a garden can be used to anticipate and visualize an ecological scenario for the year 2100. Conceived as a long-term “test-bed”, Declimatize invites both the public and also the non-human inhabitants of São Miguel Island to a possible future vegetation.

Special thanks to:
Dani Admiss
Gonçalo Branco
Luís Brum
Diogo Jácome Correia
Filipe Figueiredo

Parque Urbano de Ponta Delgada, São Miguel