Anti-Extinction Library, 2020 
Community Archive of Genetic Material for Species Preservation, East River, Brooklyn Navy Yard, NY, USA

Anti-Extinction Library is a prototype of a permanent shelter for embryonic cells and DNA of endangered local species. The library is open for submissions and designed to delight and educate people.

Species biodiversity is vanishing at an alarming rate. Much of this devastation is because of adverse activities linked to climate change and habitat loss. This project addresses this problem by creating a space that safeguards these organisms at their earliest and most fundamental state.

Besides being cryogenically preserved, each strand of DNA has an embedded genetic maker that contains the entire "Nature Bill of Rights" modified from the UN documents on human rights. These encoded markers support a narrative that all species are equal and all are necessary to a healthy planet.

The work is part of a global art action: ten public artworks, аll launching around the world, in support of Countdown – TED’s global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.

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Project Team: Sam Anderson, Nina Anker, Adam Fried, Vivian Jiang, Mitchell Joachim, Adam Jonah, Vivian Kuan, Connor Lambrecht, Oliver Medvedik, Mamoun Nukumanu, Dylan Pero, Lisa Wood Richardson, Robin Stiefel, Chris Woebken 

Project Architects: Sky Achitoff, Iyad Abou Gaida.

TED Fellows: Mitchell Joachim, Oliver Medvedik, Chris Woebken

Location: East River, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Drydock 4, NY, USA. View it from any passing by ferry.