Chris Woebken
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New Public Hydrants, 2018
In collaboration with Tei Carpenter 

Inspired by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s “Water on the Go” program—where a fire hydrant is hooked up to create a collective drinking fountain—our project augments this idea with a series of local design probes into the fire hydrant. These “hydrant hacks” propose a gateway to reimagine our everyday experience with water infrastructure in the city and bring a renewed awareness about the city’s water quality.

The installation includes a series of three 1:1 interventions into the fire hydrant:

Hydration Space is an immersive microclimate and sprinkler in which visitors can relax and refresh.

Hydrant on Tap is a bottle fill statio that monitors refills and prints out a “footprint” receipt to connect the implications of drinking local water to the global implications of drinking from plastic water bottles.

Hydrants for All is a water fountain for humans, pets, and other species.

Commissioned by Jane Withers for the A/D/O Water Futures Research Program.
Project Team: Tei Carpenter, Arianna Deane, Ashely Kuo, and Chris Woebken
Thanks to: A Good Plumber, Inc.